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blue-media.net - übersetzungen

Have you ever thought about having your website translated into two or more languages and thus to get established internationally?

blue-media. net is most willing to assist you with your translation needs in all language combinations and subject matters. + Translations from English and French into German are carried out by ourselves in-house.

+ For all other language combinations we work together with competent translators in the whole world - native speakers only.

+ Our rates for translation/proofreading are negotiable, depending on urgency and the level of technical content.

+ We guarantee fast turnaround times and faithfulness, even to tight deadlines.

+ We will work through nights and weekends if required to meet your deadline.

  • Music business: Our main area - product descriptions, press releases, manuals and more...
  • Tourism: Hotel and restaurant guides, lunch & dinner menus
  • Journalism: Press releases, Marketing brochures, world news
  • Europe: Custom- and Tax-related texts (European Commission)
  • Websites: References on demand
  • Surveys: Customer Relationship Surveys, Worldcup 2005 survey
  • Marketing: Brochures, video scripts, etc.
  • Correspondence: Confidential letters, Offers, Assignments, etc.
  • User Manuals: e.g. sports & fitness equipment, watches, LCD monitors, etc.
  • Technical Texts: Eisemann & Geko Brochures, Bombadier Transport, etc.
  • Transcriptions: From microcassette or audio file

Just let us know your needs and ask for a quote - we will provide you with translations of a very high standard!

blue-media.net - your partner in all things languages